I’m not the only one..right??

(15) 1 month ago

Doodlin’ a runaway.

(53) 1 month ago

tumblebuggie got me into Hannibal. It’s so gory and horrific, but I can’t look away! Doodled this last night while marathoning the last 4 episodes. Red and black pencil.

(24) 4 months ago

The point of no return.

(48) 4 months ago

Tart strawberries.

(70) 6 months ago

It feels and smells so disturbingly scrumptious.

(54) 6 months ago

Just for fun, I did the Lady Knights drawing prompt! The traits I got were Mace/Club, Athletic, Cranky, Spanish, and Bear. Er, I wanted to draw a girl conquistador, so I gave her a fencing sword instead :)

(101) 6 months ago

Miss Valentine.

(9) 7 months ago

How I feel every time I see an old Asian lady doing arm exercises on the street.

(281) 7 months ago

Warm up sketch! She’s probably kinda chilly, though.

(13) 7 months ago